Live Connect

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What is it?

SensorCloud™’s Live Connect provides users full access to every feature and function available on their MicroStrain wireless sensor network, from anywhere in the world. It allows you to setup high-speed real time data streams over the internet, reconfigure wireless sensor network settings, and even wirelessly upgrade your network – remotely.


  • Turns the WSDA into a MicroStrain Node Commander compatible gateway
  • Can be used over your local area network (LAN), or remotely over the internet.
  • Easy to launch from your SensorCloud account page
  • It’s free!


  • View incoming data in real-time
  • Change wireless sensor sample rates remotely
  • Enable or disable channels on your wireless sensor remotely
  • Upgrade your wireless sensor firmware remotely
  • Recalibrate your wireless sensor nodes remotely (for models with built-in self calibration)
  • Supports high speed real time data over the internet at rates up to 4 kHz

How does it work?

SensorCloud™ Live Connect establishes a virtual serial communications port between your WSDA gateway and your local PC, regardless of where your WSDA is located. This virtual serial port can then be used by Node Commander to access all wireless sensor functionality including wireless sensor streaming, datalogging, configuration, and over-the-air firmware updates. You can also write your own programs to interface with the virtual serial port using the MicroStrain Wireless SDK.

System requirements?

The WSDA and PC must both be connected to networks with internet access. For your local PC, SensorCloud™ Live Connect currently supports the following Windows platforms: XP, Vista, Windows 7.