MathEngine Wins Best of Sensors Expo Innovation Award

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LORD MicroStrain® Sensing Systems unveiled MathEngine® at the 2013 Sensors Expo in Chicago, IL where it won a Best of Sensors Expo Innovation Award. The new technology is embedded in SensorCloud, LORD’s cloud-based data aggregation, storage, and visualization platform, where it provides an integrated analytics environment for quickly and automatically reducing big sensor data to actionable alerts.

What does a terabyte of time series data look like?

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Sensors are generating vast quantities of data, and engineers need new and powerful tools to help manage, visualize, and analyze this data.   MicroStrain demonstrates in the following video how their SensorCloud platform can be used to rapidly plot and navigate through a one terabyte (TB) vibration data set containing over 100 billion measurements.    Users are also encouraged to explore the same data set in their own browser (requires free signup).

Shelburne Vineyard Relies on Wireless Sensors and the Cloud to Monitor its Vines

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Shelburne Vineyard has recently deployed a wireless environmental sensing system to monitor key conditions during the growing season. Using a distributed network of low-power wireless nodes from Williston, VT based MicroStrain, Inc. and a new cloud-based data service called SensorCloud™, they remotely monitored temperatures in real-time to ensure crop health.

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