SensorCloud™ is an ideal data storage, visualization, and remote management solution for a wide range of applications.

MicroStrain®'s wireless strain, vibration, temperature, and displacement sensors have been deployed to monitor large civil structures such as bridges. Combined with solar panels and MicroStrain®'s WSDA platform, data from the sensor networks can be pushed to SensorCloud™ automatically using mobile networks. MicroStrain's engineers can tailor a monitoring solution to fit your requirements.

SensorCloud Solutions - Structural Monitoring

Environmental sensors that measure incident solar radiation, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and leaf wetness have been combined into MicroStrain®'s ENV-Link. Applications include crop monitoring, soil and water conservation, solar farm monitoring and more.

SensorCloud Solutions - Environtal Monitoring

Optimization of energy and resources for data centers and server farms requires continuous knowledge of their operating temperature and humidity. SensorCloud, combined with wireless temperature and humidity sensors, can provide continuous visibility of these data. Users can also program alerts which send SMS text messages or emails to key personnel in the event that a sensor reading exceeds a critical threshold.

SensorCloud Solutions - Server Monitoring

Smarter machines are increasingly using wireless sensor networks to provide a nervous system that enable these machines to report on their health and fatigue. MicroStrain engineers have deployed wireless sensors and WSDA gateways for a number of applications, including large mining equipment, wheeled vehicles, fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft. Sensors that measure strain, vibration, temperature, inertial loads, forces and torques, have been combined in time synchronized networks to provide a rich amount of information for improved condition based maintenance.

SensorCloud Solutions - Vehicle Health Monitoring

Data stored on SensorCloud™ represents discrete sensor values stored as a function of time. MicroStrain®'s customers may want to create a mathematical representation that is based on a combination of these sensed values. In order to support our customer's unique requirements, MicroStrain has developed MathEngine®, which enables users to upload algorithms and the output of these algorithms can be represented as an additional sensor channel or 'virtual' sensor.

SensorCloud Solutions - Virtual Sensing

Wireless sensors provide unique benefits for monitoring of rotating machinery. MicroStrain® engineers have integrated sensors that measure torque, strain, bending loads, temperatures, RPM, and vibration to monitor the health of gearboxes, bearings, pumps, driveshafts, couplings, bushings, and blades. These data, when pushed to SensorCloud™, can be used to remotely monitor these critical rotating parts from anywhere in the world.

SensorCloud Solutions - Rotating Machinery

MicroStrain®'s engineers have expertise in combining energy harvesters with wireless sensors for a wide range of applications. Energy from heat, motion, vibration, strain, and RF fields can all be used to solve application problems for our customers.