Supported Devices

SensorCloud™ supports MicroStrain® Wireless Sensor Networks, MicroStrain® Inertial Sensors and any web-connected third party device, sensor, or sensor network.

MicroStrain®'s award-winning line of wireless sensor nodes are easily connected to SensorCloud™, offering a powerful and flexible long term monitoring solution with quick out-of-the-box setup and deployment.

MicroStrain's line of advanced inertial sensors provide a range of measurement options including orientation (pitch, roll, yaw or azimuth), single axis or dual axis inclination, linear acceleration, and angular rate. We offer simple inclinometers (or tiltmeters), inertial measurement units (IMUs), attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), and integrated GPS systems.

The SensorCloud™ Mobile web app allows user to push accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer data from their iPhone or Android smartphone to SensorCloud.

SensorCloud Supported Devices - Smart Phone

SensorCloud™ now supports the popular CompactRIO modular data acquisition system from National Instruments(R).

SensorCloud supported device - NI Compact Rio

The SensorCloud™ OpenData API enables any third party device with web access to publish data to the cloud.

SensorCloud Supported Devices - Third Party