MicroStrain® Wireless Sensor Networks

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MicroStrain®'s award-winning line of wireless sensors are easily connected to SensorCloud™, offering a powerful and flexible long term monitoring solution with easy out-of-the-box setup and deployment.    

Wireless Sensors Nodes

MicroStrain®'s wireless sensor nodes (WSN) enable synchronized, flexible sensing options from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt inputs.  Our range of wireless sensing systems are ideal for both small scale applications requiring a few sensor nodes and large scale applications requiring hundreds of synchronized sensor nodes.  OEM options are available for embedded applications.

All MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes can be used with SensorCloud™, including the following:

Easy connection to the Cloud with WSDA

MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes are easy to connect to SensorCloud™.  All that you need is a MicroStrain® WSDA® Wireless Sensor Data Aggregator and an internet-enabled network connection.      

Supported Sample Rates 

SensorCloud™ supports a broad range of wireless sensor sample rates, ranging from one sample per hour to 100,000 samples per second.   

Powerful Real-Time Capabilities with Live Connect

In addition to LDC and synchronized sampling mode, SensorCloud™'s Live Connect feature can be used to establish a direct connection to your MicroStrain® wireless sensor network, from anywhere in the world.    Once connected, you can access the full range of sensor network advanced features using Node Commander PC software, including:  

  • View high speed streaming data in real-time
  • Trigger and download datalogging sessions
  • Change network and node configuration settings
  • Update wireless sensor node firmware over-the-air