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SensorCloud Features - MathEngineWhat is it?  

MathEngine® allows users to process vast quantities of sensor data in the cloud, and on the fly.   Users can either create simple custom scripts for basic operations such as averaging and filtering, or, they can implement advanced data processing algorithms for generating condition indicator metrics such as metal fatigue or bearing failure.    More than just a data post-processing tool, MathEngine® output can be fed directly to the Alerts App, enabling fully customized & powerful alert scripting.


  • Support for Octave , an open source alternative to MATLAB® that is largely code compatible
  • Support for Python and NumPy and SciPy libraries
  • Web interface for quickly creating, storing, and editing user applications
  • Code upload option
  • Library of commonly used data processing functions  & example code
  • MathEngine® Output can be fed to the Alerts App
  • Future support for R statistics language


  • Create new, derived channels based on simple or complex mathematical relationships
  • Easily import or create your own custom scripts to clean your data (spike removal, filtering)
  • Setup complex condition indicator (CI) or health indicator (HI) channels, then add alerts
  • Generate custom graphs and figures using standard Octave/Matlab plotting tools

What is the computing environment?

All MathEngine® code is executed on dedicated resources on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). 


MathEngine® service is available on a monthly subscription basis.  SensorCloud™ developers will collaborate with your team to develop and implement custom algorithms and reports in line with your monitoring objectives.  To set up a free MathEngine® consultation please contact us at 802.862.6629 or email


SensorCloud MathEngine 1.0SensorCloud MathEngine 1.0