Security & Privacy

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Built on a Secure and Trusted Platform.

Security and data privacy are paramount at SensorCloud.  Security has been a cornerstone of our platform from day one, and all services adhere to industry best practices.  SensorCloud is currently built on top of Amazon Web Services, which provides a world-class secure and trusted platform with well-documented processes and exceptional physical security.
Commercial Grade TLS for All Transactions.
All SensorCloud transactions are performed over a secured channel using Transport Layer Security (TLS).  This includes all user data and web pages, as well as remote device data uploads. 
TLS is the current industry standard for secure web communications, and is used widely for applications such as e-commerce and web access to financial institutions.  It ensures that communications are secured between endpoints even when communicating over an unsecured network.
Data Ownership, Privacy, and Access Control
Data stored on SensorCloud is the sole property of the SensorCloud customer.  All SensorCloud Data is private by default, but can be shared with other users that you authorize.    Full responsibilities for data ownership, accessibility and access control are outlined in the Services Agreement.