MicroStrain’s SensorCloud™ is a unique sensor data storage, visualization and remote management platform that leverages powerful cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability, rapid visualization, and user programmable analysis. The current SensorCloud core features include MathEngine, LiveConnect, OpenData API, and FastGraph.

Version 1.0 of the OpenData API allows users to upload sensor data from any web-connected source or platform, and download selected or entire data sets. The full specification can be found on the following page.

SensorCloud Features - Open Data API

FastGraph is a sophisticated, time series visualization and graphing tool with exceptionally fast response allows viewers to navigate through massive amounts of data, and quickly zero in on points of interest.

SensorCloud Features - FastGraph

The SensorCloud™ Alerts feature allows users to create custom email and SMS text message alerts for monitoring data exceedances and events of interest.

SensorCloud Features - Alerts

SensorCloud™’s Live Connect provides users full access to every feature and function available on their MicroStrain wireless sensor network, from anywhere in the world. It allows you to setup high-speed real time data streams over the internet, reconfigure wireless sensor network settings, and even wirelessly upgrade your network – remotely.

MathEngine® allows users to process vast quantities of sensor data in the cloud, and on the fly. Users can either create simple custom scripts for basic operations such as averaging and filtering, or, they can implement advanced data processing algorithms for generating condition indicator metrics such as metal fatigue or bearing failure. More than just a data post-processing tool, MathEngine output can be fed directly to the Alerts App, enabling fully customized & powerful alert scripting.

SensorCloud Features - MathEngine

Security and data privacy are paramount at SensorCloud. Security has been a cornerstone of our platform from day one, and all services adhere to industry best practices. SensorCloud is currently built on top of Amazon Web Services, which provides a world-class secure and trusted platform with well-documented processes and exceptional physical security.